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Worst Windows Ever

October 11, 2007

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windowsmall.jpgIt was with immeasurable glee that I began removing the windows from the bathroom this past weekend. Ever since moving in 3+ years ago, I have found endless entertainment in imagining what was going through the previous renovator’s head when the decision was made to install two P.O.S. ancient basement-storm-windows in the bathroom. I’m humored as I imagine how any reputable contractor could convince themselves to tack-screw these glorified wafers of aquarium glass to the walls of any house without having either an immense hate for the owners, or a complete lack of sense. What stupefies me more is how the previous owners managed to live with these windows for 5+ years! The windows have a negative R value, leak endlessly, fall out when you attempt to open them, and once closed are as drafty as they are open!

The real kicker is the fact that the previous owners spent the time and money to install security bars over the windows as well as a 24hr-monitored security system for safety -but left the windows that could be opened by a stiff breeze! (At least they put stickers on them.)


In a matter of minutes I managed to remove the security bars with a single twist of my hammer, as well as the two ½ inch machine screws that held the glass panes in place. With the widow gone, I spent the afternoon studding, insulating, foaming and dry walling. While I really wanted to start installing the board and baton, I resisted the temptation as I know I need to change the soffits first.

Sadly, it has now rained every day since…

window1.jpgwindow2.jpgwindow3.jpg window4.jpg

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  1. Truly makes you wonder what goes through peoples’ minds…..

    Comment by Sandy — October 12, 2007 @ 10:42 am

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