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The sign is up…

June 17, 2008

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After a heroic weekend of work, the house is basically ready to show and the sign is ordered… too bad the stress level hasn’t been reduced. We are now on-call for ‘showings’ which means that we have one hour from time of booking to have the house tidied up and ready for a potential purchaser. Not an easy feat with two small children!

Our agent is confident the house will sell; the house is clean, in great repair, beautifully decorated and has a competitive asking price. However, old houses have a particular market niche – and if the ‘old house lovers’ aren’t currently seeking houses, we have no buyers…

Apparently old house lovers are a different breed, as they accept a home’s faults as part of their character and embrace the task of ‘repair/restoration’ as a welcome challenge. Thus, whereas most people would consider our old windows fit for the dump – and an additional expense – the old house lovers get excited over the flow-glass… Here’s rooting for some old house lovers!

Sigh… We’ll see what happens…

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