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Survived another open-house

July 21, 2008

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Another weekend has passed and we have survived yet another open-house. We managed to re-landscape the yard where the weeping tile was installed, re-stretch the (dry) basement carpet, touch up the wall paint and repaint the trim. The house looked great, and our agent told us that everyone who visited had positive things to say.

So now we wait – again.

We are really struggling to come to terms with the changed housing market. When we sold our house four years ago, it took 17 hours. 2004 was a hot year for the housing market, and people were frantic to buy houses. The 2004 experience spoiled us and now that there is an economic downturn we are selling in a more ‘normal’ market – we’re not used to that. Likewise, the majority of HGTV home shows continue to perpetuate the ‘seller’s market’ mentality, featuring shows obsessed with ‘flipping’. We’ve been inundated with a constant message that ‘homes sell fast’ – so we’ve had a good deal of false optimism.

As for the house we are buying, our offer expires this week, so we’ll be meeting this evening to draft an amendment to our offer asking for more time. Whilst I find this stressful, it’s really a win-win situation. If they seller accepts our amendment, we’ll have more time. If they reject the offer, we will submit a new offer later this week for less, and continue to resubmit that low offer until it is accepted. As well, we have learned that interest in Brant house has completely dried up – for reasons cited in an earlier post.

Here’s praying for a buyer…

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