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Second Choice Sink

August 9, 2006

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sink1.jpgThe bathroom sink is a far cry from the ideal. Upon review of our budget, we decided that we would install a ‘good enough for now’ sink in lieu of purchasing what we really would like. Our issue: As the sink sits just inside the doorway, it needs to be quite small, and the local DYI stores don’t carry many miniscule period sinks. Your choices are: enormous and Victorian (also known as tastelessly gaudy) or small and modern.

The ideal sink is a small wall hung unit, with the capability for at least a basin mount tap. We found a few examples at clawfootsupply.com that fit the bill, but unfortunately the bill didn’t fit us. After paying the initial price, doing the currency conversion, shipping and then duty, well, the sink becomes a little expensive. So for the time being, we bought the simplest, smallest sink we could find. Total cost? $50.

As this is not going to be the last sink in this bathroom, we didn’t bother to install it with much glamour – PVC piping for the waste pipe and flexible piping for the supply lines. However, it does work; the facet was $25 dollars, and most importantly, it’s small.

To be honest, it looks fine – it’s just a little disappointing sometimes to have to settle for the lesser item…

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  1. Just wandered onto your site as we are preparing to renovate our own bathroom. Ours is almost the same size as yours. Do you mind given us an idea as to how much it cost to renovate your batheroom? Thanks!

    Hi Bev – I think we did the entire bathroom for less that $1000 – including new plumbing. Granted, time was free as we did it all ourselves. 😉

    Comment by Bev — October 18, 2010 @ 10:16 am

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