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Of Autumn Winds and Hindsight

October 5, 2008

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justlivingsmall.jpgI can’t believe it’s been two months since my last post! Where has the time gone?

I’m happy to report that nothing extraordinary has happened since my last writing – and I’m grateful for that! It would seem that our little experiment with the housing market did us a world of good – allowing us to prioritize our needs, be thankful for what we have, and avoid possible economic disaster.

Despite the fact that we have a fairly well regulated housing/financial market here in Canada, we haven’t been immune to the financial crisis in the U.S. – buyer confidence is at an all time low. We put our house on the market for about 7 weeks before we took it off. There are houses all around us that were on the market long before our, are still on the market with reduced prices and buyer incentives, and are sitting dead. It’s difficult to comprehend how drastically the market tides have shifted – 18 months ago people were selling houses in minutes for gross amounts of money – now, you can’t even give a house away.

I’m thankful for the past few months, as well as the current economic situation, as its been a wonderful tonic for the soul. We’ve never been more in love with our house, and trying to sell it taught us that we had too quickly overlooked the overwhelming number of positive attributes, and focused on a few negatives.

A friend noted that the film “A Wonderful Life” best illustrates the economic crisis in the U.S., the major difference being that in the movie owning a home was the apex of fulfillment, whereas present day society views owning a home as a mere investment.

We have been guilty of that…

So, were pleased as ever to be living here, and we have no intension of moving. We have also been puttering about the house. Nothing major, just ‘putterish’ little things. Our most recent project was tearing out the old step at the back door and replacing it. As well, we installed a screen door we picked up at the local Costco for $50. The screen door was a necessity as the dog had torn out a good deal of the weather stripping around the exterior door. She can tear the screen door apart for all we care – just leave the air-tight door alone!

We built a rickety composter out of the old step, and bought some more plants (heavily discounted). Over the next few weeks we plan to fix our gate, install some heating wires on the roof and move some shrubs. Nothing very interesting, just normal day to day stuff… Thank goodness!


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