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Lamenting the Lost

October 20, 2008

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I’ve decided it is time to clean up this website – no, I’m not drastically changing the design. I’m happy enough with the way things look and I’m not going to spend the effort making huge changes when they’re not necessary. Will I update the site? You betcha – This design is going to be 3+ years old soon and I’m tired of it – as well as I’m pretty sure I can improve on it – just like me house.

Anyway, I upgraded the blogging platform, cleaned out some useless plugins and reviewed my unpublished drafts and links list. The link-list has been very poorly maintained. As I use Google reader for all my blog subscriptions, and upload posts to this blog via platforms such as ScribeFire – I rarely visit my own blog – and thus I lost track of the state of my links list.

Sadly, there are some sites that have disappeared from existence. One example is www.nightmareonelmst.net. I thought this blog was beautifully designed and enjoyed the writing – but alas – it has been cyber-squatted and is no more. Likewise, there are a handful of sites that are suffering from neglect; sites that haven’t been updated in 2+ years. Looking over these sites final posts I realize now that I was ‘hooked’ – interested in the next stages of each authors project – only to never read another update. No farewell, no ceremony, just inactivity. Heartbreak!

It’s understandable why websites fade. They are work. They offer little return. They are another responsibility added to the daily routine.

In an effort to update this site, I’m using a little bit of web-foo to include my google reader information, manage my blogroll and highlight posts I like. I’m pretty sure that once I’ve digested these changes I begin the process of overhauling the site and freshening it’s look.

On a side note: Have I overlooked your blog? Should I enrich my life with your musings? Please, suggest your blog or a friend’s. I’m always looking for a new site.

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  1. Hi, I really enjoyed reading about your experiences with restoration. It is really tragic what passes for “renovation” in the Toronto housing market.

    I have only recently started some minor work on my Toronto Victorian while continuing to read everything I can on Victorian architecture. Thankfully the house still has a great deal of the original finish. You may be interested in some of our posts:


    Hello bayandgablevictorian! Thanks for the link – looking forward to following your progress!


    Comment by bayandgablevictorian — January 6, 2009 @ 8:26 pm

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