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Installing Windows Should Be Simple – Part Two

November 24, 2007

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bathroomwindow-small.jpgDespite the minor setbacks encountered while installing the first two windows – namely rough openings smaller then expected – spirits in oldstonehouse were still high as I prepared to tackle the third challenge: the sh*tty bathroom window. As before, I gleefully ripped out the old window, excited about the prospect of finally having more then one pane of glass in the bathroom. As I swept away the debris a small panic started to rie – the inside and outside openings weren’t the same size…

I measured the size of the hole – it was two inches shorter and one inch narrower then the window I had ordered.

So I would seem that once again I mismeasured the window opening.

I could try to explain how I mismeasured it, and justify the mistake and try to save face, but I won’t. Bottom line, I should have double checked my measurements outside. To make things even more pleasant – the outside wall is concrete block.

For the next two hours I pounded and smashed cinderblocks as I attempted to remove a course of blocks from around the window opening – it was one degree above freezing, lightly raining, and I hit the back of my hand with the sledge many, many times. Fun.

By nightfall I had managed to rebuild the wall and install the window. Amidst smashed cinderblocks, broken glass, sawdust and ‘foam-worms’ the window looked nice – much better then what had been there before. I worked up the courage to go inside and see what was needed to finish the job.

Oh Lord…




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  1. Question

    My son purchased a 150 yr old stone house with the thick stone walls your photo’s indicate. He has the new windows installed and wants to build the interior frames for three windows to match other windows that were replaced before he and his wife purchased the home. It would seem the frame should be built to set into the opening and then fasten. Do you have photo’s of the finished framing and how you did it.

    Hi Charles – I don’t have any progress photos on the new window frames – sorry. To explain it simply: You need to build a ‘picture frame’ that is the exact size of the window, and the depth of the wall cavity. You slide this into the window so that it butts against the sill etc. squarely.  You then need to shim around the perimeter of this ‘pcture frame’ until the entire thing is square, tight and flush. Once this is done, you then secure the frame in place by driving finishing nails through the frame AND shims into the existing wall, and then fill the remaining cavities with low-expansion foam.

    Sorry I can’t be more help.  Congratulations to son!

    Comment by Charles Weech — October 3, 2008 @ 9:02 pm

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