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Gutting the Bathroom

August 1, 2006

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mbath6.jpgToday we went gang-busters on the bathroom, ripping and tearing like mad! We managed to rip out all the fixtures, tear down the plaster/drywall, and open-up a channel in the wall beneath the bathroom. The gut-job went real well, with only a few minor headaches, such as having to take all the trim off the doors to get the tub out… What we found when we had finished opening the walls up was pretty disappointing.

Firstly, the tile in the bathroom had been glued onto regular drywall – I was able to basically push my had through the wall an tear out chunk after chunk it was so wet. Secondly, the plumbing that froze was in fact strapped right onto the exterior stone, and once again insulated overtop of from the inside! Finally, as we intend to run heating into the bathroom, we decided that we could open a small channel into the wall on the first floor where we could recess some duct work. (right side in the photos) Once we opened the wall up we found tons of knob and tube wiring!

Understand that when we bought the house one of the selling points was the fact that the electrical service had been updated, and apparently inspected by the local electrical authority. I had traced every bit of wire originating in the basement and had never found one bit of K&T, which meant that somewhere buried in the wall was an illegal junction box that connected into the old wiring. Grumble.

Twelve hours after we started, we had finally finished gutting the room. We have a pretty clear sense of what we have to work with, and what now needs to be done. On a side note: with all due credit to the previous renovator – his plumbing work was to code – just ugly as hell…


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