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Framing the Loo

August 2, 2006

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The waste/stink pipe for the bathroom travels up the far corner of the room, and was originally boxed-in. We decided that we could afford to keep the pipe boxed-in as the loss of space was not significant, and more importantly, we didn’t have any place to move the pipe to!

As such, we constructed a 48” wall that runs across the end of the bathroom (envisioned to become a shelf), and we boxed in the stink pipe so that it was flush with this new wall (see photos) The room is going to be finished with 48” high wainscoting and chair-rail so this will allow the trim to extend all around the perimeter of the room without interruption. The result of this new wall be be a 10” deep shelf that will adds some much needed storage space to the room.

dcp_2108.JPG dcp_2106.JPG

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