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Drywall – My Name is Mud…

August 3, 2006

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dcp_2117.JPGWith the wall built, we only but minimally insulated that which we could. At this point we could have ripped out all the lathe and plaster, strapped the walls (solid stone), insulated and drywalled – but the loss of space in the room would have prevented ANY new tub from fitting in the space – let alone an undersized one! As such, we chose to preserve the ‘dead-air’ space, and left it alone.

Within a few hours the whole room had a nice fresh coat of sheet-rock on it, and the first coat of mud. One of the pleasant results of reconfiguring the plumbing is that as all the plumbing is now coming through the floor (as opposed to the wall, thus avoiding another freezing!) and as such we can sheet the walls before the plumbing is even started! Granted, the floor will have to wait until all the copper and ABS are installed, but as I can’t figure out anyway to get drywall mud to dry faster then it does it is just as well – nothing is more bothersome then having to wait for something to dry! In our case, we can continue to add coats of mud while we work on other aspects of the reno, maximizing time as well as my holidays. Off to the plumbing!

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