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Digging holes, and filling them back in

July 17, 2008

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pipe1.jpgShortly after publishing our last post, I starting researching wet basement carpets and began to panic. Countless websites indicated that a wet carpet in the basement was a lost cause – the only remedy being to remove/discard the carpet completely. Panicked, I left work early and visited the dealer who had first installed the carpet. I was set at ease when he explained that the carpet was completely salvageable, including the under pad. Outlining our current situation (selling the house) he agreed that removing the wet under pad would be the best course of action. He also explained that we had purchased the antimicrobial/antibacterial under pad when we had the carpet first installed – and added bonus. I purchased some replacement pad (cheap!), and was assured that once everything was dried that they would lend me a ‘kicker’ to re-stretch the carpet.

We cut out the wet pad and elevated the carpet over chairs and buckets. We arranged two oscillating fans such that they were blowing underneath the carpet, and started the dehumidifier. We were amazed to find that 24 hrs later the carpet almost dry! Yah!

Meanwhile, back in the yard…

We consulted a few different people regarding the water in the basement and they each agreed that drainage that was the culprit. Our decision to install a weeping tile around the base of the house turned out to be the recommended course of action, so we set to work digging a 40′ long, 1foot deep trench.

The weeping tile (known as a ‘French tile’ in this case) is not meant to draw water away from the sides of the house, but intercept water flowing downhill towards the rear of the house and divert it to the ditches at the side – meaning that we only needed to dig a shallow trench. One end of the tile terminates in a gravel bed that leeched away from the house, and the other end terminates in a gravel ‘pit’.

Meanwhile, back in the house…

While this is all going on, we get a call from our agent telling us we have another agent asking to show the house – an agent that cancelled earlier. We instructed our agent to disclose all that had happened as find out what the other parties thought. Apparently they felt that our current crisis was as good thing as it established our honestly, while offering a sample of the ‘quality work’ we do. We agreed to the showing, and spent all of our free time finishing up the yard, and cleaning the basement as best we could.

The agent showed up with the client and looked around for five minutes and then left. Not interested…





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