Old Stone House

Preparing the Floor – On the Level…

August 4, 2006

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cement1b.jpgThe rolled flooring in the bathroom can best be described as ugly camouflage. Although easily removed with a sharpened spade, beneath which lay a pathetic mess. The built-in tub had been set up in some wooden shims to level it and sat on a simple 2×4” frame. This is fairly standard, and was done as imagined, however, whoever decided to level the floor, obviously hated me, or at least wanted to frustrate “the next guy”.

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Water and Warmth

August 3, 2006

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dcp_2110.JPGWhile the first coat of mud was drying on the upstairs, we started the plumbing from below. To recap – the original water supply lines were strapped against the stone wall on the left side of the doorway – behind the waste pipe, and then insulated from the inside. We felt that this was A BAD IDEA. As the bathroom has no heat, we decided that in order to add some symmetry to the front entrance, we could afford to add another bulkhead on the right side of the door – in which we could run a small heating duct and new supply lines.

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Knob and Tube…

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knobandtube.jpgOne of the more disappointing discoveries of this reno has been unearthing some knob and tube wiring. Past home inspectors and insurers alike had all agreed that the house had been electrically updated with a proper breaker panel and wiring alike, but despite this we found a great mass of knob and tube wiring in the front entrance. Naturally, the moment you mention the words “knob and tube” grave warnings and red flags shoot up, and you are immediately condemned to an impeding fire, loss of insurance and any other possible tragedy imaginable…

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Drywall – My Name is Mud…

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dcp_2117.JPGWith the wall built, we only but minimally insulated that which we could. At this point we could have ripped out all the lathe and plaster, strapped the walls (solid stone), insulated and drywalled – but the loss of space in the room would have prevented ANY new tub from fitting in the space – let alone an undersized one! As such, we chose to preserve the ‘dead-air’ space, and left it alone.

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Framing the Loo

August 2, 2006

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The waste/stink pipe for the bathroom travels up the far corner of the room, and was originally boxed-in. We decided that we could afford to keep the pipe boxed-in as the loss of space was not significant, and more importantly, we didn’t have any place to move the pipe to! (more agony and joy…)

Gutting the Bathroom

August 1, 2006

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mbath6.jpgToday we went gang-busters on the bathroom, ripping and tearing like mad! We managed to rip out all the fixtures, tear down the plaster/drywall, and open-up a channel in the wall beneath the bathroom. The gut-job went real well, with only a few minor headaches, such as having to take all the trim off the doors to get the tub out… What we found when we had finished opening the walls up was pretty disappointing.

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The Pipes Froze!

February 7, 2006

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Returning from a two-day mini vacation, we were greeted by a frigid house, and yes, frozen pipes. Apparently snow drifted over the furnace intake and snuffed the flame (another project to fix). Luckily, just the pipes on the front of the house froze – which just happen to serve the master bathroom. With this, the bathroom reno has started.

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The Glorious Throne Room

December 15, 2005

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mbath11.jpgThe ‘master’ bathroom in the house is a 5’x6′ closet above the stairs on the front of the house. While small, the original bathroom was fairly functional, and severed its purpose well, and had the added bonus of having been installed in an inconspicuous space.

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