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A Small Hiatus

April 25, 2007

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So it has been about 4 months since we updated the site, and it certainly hasn’t been fueled by apathy – we needed a break. Since moving into our home almost 3 years ago, we have spent every free moment, and every extra dollar doing everything we can to make this house our home, and to do so in a manner which pays homage to our house’s heritage. However there comes a time when one must stop and take a breather, before the passion and finance becomes resentment and poverty. Such is our case. After the holiday had passed, we decided that we would take a breather for our own sanity. In that time much has happened. Our house has been officially granted historical status, we’ve completed our basement, and glacier-like ice dams on the roof managed to ruin parts of the drywall in the kitchen. As well, it has become apparent with the spring thaw that the exterior trim needs to be stripped and painted, and several of the concrete retaining walls need to be replaced. In essence, even though we took a break, the house didn’t.

Understand, we’re not discouraged, if anything we’re inspired to forge ahead with our plans as taking a break offered the reenergizing boost we needed.

So what did we do while on our break? Well… I played with trains. When I’m not smashing walls with sledgehammers, or shocking myself, I like to work on my N scale model railroad. I can’t imagine anything better then spending a cold winters evening in the basement playing affectionately with the memories of my youth. (All the while assessing the floor joists above, looking for the source of squeaks, and imagining how I might change the heating ducts to improve air flow…) For those interested, I did update my railroad blog and documented my progress through the winter.


We’ll talk soon.

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