Old Stone House

The Exterior Is Done!

December 4, 2007

Filed under: Ugly Addition @ 2:14 pm

newsmall.jpgWe’ve put forth a monolithic effort these past two weeks in order to finally finish the exterior of the ‘ugly addition’. This effort was offset by crappy weather, so when you average everything out – we only accomplished a modest amount. That being said, all the siding is on, the windows are caulked and sealed, the eaves have been cleaned and repaired and every crack that can be insulated/siliconed has been filled.

I wasn’t expecting snow this ‘early’ in the season – as we’ve had little/no snow before January the past few years – and working in the cold is painful. Not only do your fingers ache from the cold, they ache as you can’t seem to stop hitting them with the hammer. As well, there’s nothing more pleasant than removing your hands from your gloves and having the sweaty palms stick to the frozen tin snips or hammer.

(more agony and joy…)